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Flyladies and Flybabies
What should we call you? j_lunatic Who lives in your home? (This… 
18th-Feb-2008 08:52 am

What should we call you? j_lunatic
Who lives in your home? (This might include ages of children or number and kinds of pets.) Just me.
What kind of home are you keeping (house, apartment, dorm...)? A one-bedroom condo.
What's your current career status? Working (temping) approximately fulltime.
How long have you been using the FlyLady system? For about five months now.
What is the most important thing FlyLady has taught you? You can do a heck of a lot in 15 minutes--baby steps and baby bites!
What things have been big stumbling blocks for you? Inertia (all too often the daily missions get postponed to the weekend).
What would be your advice to someone just finding FlyLady? Look at your current situation, breaking it down into small, discrete tasks.
Do you have a favorite cleaning tool or tip to share? I'm amazed at how good the place looks with just the Weekly Home Blessing and the daily missions.
Where are you with FlyLady right now? The big decluttering is done. I've developed a routine that works for me and am struggling to make it a habit. I intend to do a round of deep cleaning this spring (although we'll see if that actually happens). Also, my mother has her own clutter issues. There's not much you can do for someone else if they're not taking care of their own nest, but I've told her help and advice are available if she wants them.
Is there any particular part of the program you're working on now? Maintenance.
Hobbies? Interests? Reading (online and off, and it's all too easy to let it distract me from what needs doing).
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