Road to a home... sorry no pix this time.

So over the course of the week's worknights, I plugged away. Probably too much because I'm tired.

Maintenance: Dishes put away & done again. Laundry sorted, helped my daughter put hers away, more done & in the drier.  Boxes from the no-longer-new computer broken down & in the recycle.
Project: New hanging lamp hung up. And my husband noticed --hurrah for recognition.
Me time: Reading....yes, under the lamp. Had to celebrate.

Next target...Hazmat Pickup day tomorrow.  Now where did I put those hearing-aid batteries my mother gave me... oy.  But at least the flourescent tubes will be gone from my back porch.

What about you? 

Road to a home.... is anybody out there?

Wow, more than a year since I visited this site?? Funny though, I wanted to share today's success with people who'd understand my "YAY ME!"  And unfortunately my FB feed has an awful lot of people who wouldn't understand.  Born organized to say the least... and judgemental to boot.

Road to a home = Maintenance + Project + Me time... so here it is.

1. Maintenance - I did the Flylady hour and a few "top of the hour" challenges.

2. Project - I made space in my life for music!  We have a tiny little place and I've been sad that I don't have a music room.  Today I realized that cleanup efforts elsewhere in the house gave me space.  So I tackled the nasty pile o' DWIL (Deal With It Later) and carved myself a music area.  I've been afraid things would get bumped right by the front door -- but maybe people are trained because big fat boxes have been there so long. And I'm using the hand weights to hold things in place, clever that.

BEFORE: One of the triggers for this was that my 7yo has finally decided to let me donate that 1960s-ish toy piano...because we have something better to put there.

AFTER: All the things that have homes have been put in their homes. Some has been put onto the back porch where I made space a week or so ago. And some.... ah some has come into its own. There's even a home for the extra kitchen chair.  So what if I still don't like the carpet...because WOO HOO I have space to play the keyboard.  Next task will be to make space for the music books so they don't clutter up the 7yo's launch pad.

3. Me Time - Can you guess?  Yes! You're right -- I spent time noodling around on the keyboard!


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New resolve

Hey folks! Flylady helped me develop at least some housekeeping habits, though I don't 'fly' religiously. I've found it particularly useful to keep not only my kitchen sink clean, but also the stove. But lately I've been feeling like a slob again, and realized I need to add a new "kitchen sink": the toilets. I clean the bowls pretty regularly, but am terrible about wiping down all that porcelain, plus the seat. So, beginning today, my kitchen sink, stove, and TOILETS will be clean!

Does anyone else have an extra "kitchen sink"- type thing that they need to keep shiny, when all else goes to hell?


April's habit is making the bed... Did you do it?
   I did...Not to Martha Stewart standards but the comforter is flat and my pillow is back up off the floor where I push it in the night and that is what counts!

This week is Zone 1  Entrance, Front Porch and Dining Room. Today's mission is hotspots in those 3 areas.
I don't have a dining room, and my front door opens directly into the living room...but I do have a couple of DWIL boxes (deal with it later) on the small shelves I set up for my daughter to use for her school stuff.  So that's what I'll be doing after work tonight.

Now back to my sponsor...

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I wanted to let you know about our new Flying Facebook group. It's called A Clean Slate. It's a closed group so whatever you post is not visible to your other friends. It's only seen by those in the group.

We have three rules:

1. No politics
2. No religion
3. Treat each other well

It's a diverse group of women that encourage one another to complete daily tasks, keep up with Fly Lady’s routines and zone work. Please join us.
Wicked Lady

More edge nibbling...

Another small corner of chaos and STUFF gone forever!

This morning I collected up all the discarded clothing lolling about in heaps waiting to be sorted and put it in a hold all for the charity shop.
I dumped the bag of cloth scraps from the sewing in the hall by the front door...
I moved all the surplus bed linen from the box in the bedroom to a plastic sack for the charity shop and dumped that beside the door...

Himself and t'Stapping Lad(TM) shifted the bags out to the car when they took t'Stapping Lad(TM) off to do his shift in the pub.

That's a whole cubic meter of stuff I never need to deal with again!  Yay!

And earlier in the week I'd dumped two large boxes of packing materials from things I bought on ebay in the car and they took them down the dump!

Himself did all the backlog of ironing, so we don't have Ironing Mountain leering at us from wherever.

I made them deal with their crates of shoes!  They are no longer in the conservatory needing to be Rubiked every time w try to do anything.  I have some customer fabric to deal with, and then the customers projects can be wrangled with a lesser degree of Rubiking.  NOT looking forward to ironing 10 meters of linen for period shirts and chemises, but it needs to be done.

Today I am hopin to tackle the filing cabinet: I need to get it moved down next to my desk, so I can file the home and business stuff and get rid of the heap beside my desk.  Once that is gone, I can clean out the little chest of drawers and trundle it through to the dining room and fill it with the herbs and spices.  This will make them much more accessible and easirt to use than in the stacking boxes they live in now...

And I need to make marzipan and start decorating the Christmas Cakes!
Wicked Lady

Why does it take all day...

To clean a bathroom less than six feet square???

Well, that's how it feels...

Mind you, energy levels have been down and pain levels up, so that may have had something to do with it.  And I wasn't cleaning all day: I did it in three sessions.  It just felt like it took all day!

Still, now I have an all shiny scrubbed to death bathroom!  How long will it be after the teenager gets in that I'll need to wipe the loo seat, and the floor, and change the towels?  Sigh...
Wicked Lady

Guerrilla campaign against the mess!

I have not had time or energy to post in aaaages!  Sorry about that!  Things have got a leeeetle crazy round here with masses of work for Musketeers (freform LARP in February).

Meanwhile I have been fighting a guerrilla campaign against the hordes and hoards of mess!  My son's new room is almost done (I need to get the curtains hemmed and up), we are almost ready to do the work on the office for Himself, and most of the sewing kit has moved into the conservatory.  The books are all in the lock-up, along with a lot of sewing kit, all the costume stuff, and most of the sewing machines!  Customer projects all have boxes, and we are well under way with their stuff.

Todays little campaign was against the mess on the work surface in the dining room.  A few weeks back I bought some new-to-me storage jars on ebay.

There was a mess...


Himself is going to add a shelf so I can stack some of the jars above the work surface and make room for the coffee machine and grinder.  Hopefully, as the space will always be in use (we make 2-3 jugs of coffee per day, grinding the beans for it each time), it'll remain reasonably clear and the STUFF won't stack up in teetering heaps!

Well, I can dream!  Meanwhile, I need to find homes for the stuff off that bit...

Road to a home: starting back up.

"Road to a home" is something one of our list people came up with. Her idea was to make a list every day -- one maintenance job that needed attention, one task towards a long-term project, and one thing to do for herself to help improve her moood.
It was helping me a lot... I'm going to try it again. But I'm adding

1. Catch up on laundry & folding.
2. Empty the perilously high-piled dish drying rack.

PROJECT: Shed purge! Give away the old singer & the microwave from Rob's office (the one that got re-orged out of existence by the governor). Find the box of winter bits ... somehow I seem to have one of every glove, but no mates to any.

ME TIME: A nap before taking my daughter to her friend's birthday party. Since she had us up at 5:30 this morning, I may even try to get HER to take one too.

THINK POSITIVE: I set up coffee before coming down to laundry&LJ; my husband's making breakfast...and I think it smells ready. So glad to have a washer/drier in my house so I don't have to lug all this to the laundromat!