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Flyladies and Flybabies
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11th-Nov-2012 09:30 pm - Anybody home!?
DishwashingKitty (by IconsByJessica)
Hurricane, job crazies, nor'easter, a cold (flu?), and technical difficulties have kept me off-line and I am surprised to see so few posts!

My old second-hand roomba died.  Three months after my birthday and 1 month after my anniversary, I decided to give up on waiting for the husband to make time for us to go shopping for a replacement wedding ring for me as we'd discussed.  And I ordered a new roomba.  It got here yesterday, I put it into action today and... I'm so delighted with the way it's cleaning that it's sort of icky how poor a job my little vac was doing.  I've got long hair and apparently the little vac wasn't getting it.  But Roomba's the robot who could.  Yay Ruby Roomba. This one has the docking base and everything.

Tomorrow I have to get back on the wagon, keep up with more than dishes & laundry.
Does anyone know what zone Flylady is in?  LOL. Yep, I've been that disconnected.
30th-Sep-2012 02:02 pm - Durham
Durham CT is nothing that impressive.... a nice little New England farm town...but it's biggest claim to fame is a really big fair in late September. Some pictures scroll through on the town website.  http://www.townofdurhamct.org/  
21st-Sep-2012 02:39 pm - As it is the autumnal equinox...

...I have changed the decorations in my porthole window from summer ones to autumn ones.

Here be picspam...Collapse )
21st-Sep-2012 10:42 am - WOW
Loretta, Conspiracy
Well, after some really crap news yesterday, today is off to a much better start. I got all my little jobs out of the way before nine and then came to play on the computer and found this new version for LJ. I have to say, I really like the look of it. Lets see how we go.

In other news, the kitchen cupboards are just about done, three quarters of the wardrobes/drawers in the Master have been culled (I never knew there was so much space there). Lucky the local church is having a fair in a few weeks and we have a whole bunch of stuff to donate to that.

Garage has been cleaned out by DH and the kids are doing a challenge a day and hopefully their rooms will be looking good soon too.
12th-Sep-2012 07:38 pm(no subject)
-No more progress on the pink panther princess playhouse.
-I washed the bathtub last night...and my daughter promptly covered the walls with "paint" (colored soap).
-I emptied the dish-drying rack the other night while R&I cooked dinner.
-I found Roomba and can't get the battery to take a charge -- it was fun while it lasted, now I need to go get a real one.
-I went into the shed and pulled out the roof of my medieval pavillion, folded it & put it away properly.  I'd pulled it down alone as a serious thunderstorm was threatening, but that was well over a month ago -- oops.  Next stage - stow the ropes properly.
-I pulled out the bits of the bike trailer, pumped the tires, and took my daughter for a ride.  If I can get her up & ready by 7:30 tomorrow I'm going to try taking her to daycare* by bike.  (*her little-kid daycare is now her before/after school program AND they bus her to&from school)
-Groceries run, another to come tomorrow (the hidden hazard of having two chain stores nearby...they carry different brands of GF and lo-so and lo-sugar so we now have TWO stops to make.)
-Dishes out, dishes ready to go in.
-Wet laundry into drier this morning, new load in.  Not-quite-dry laundry restarted in drier a few minutes ago and I'll be checking it shortly so I can put the next load in.  (I love our suddenly cool nights!)
-Unfortunately I still have to log in to the office to do 2 more hours of work... or else work Saturday.  Hmmmm.

Oh and some ultra-cute news.  We did go to the Bethlehem Fair over the weekend -- and my motherinlaw had entered some of V's veggies in her name.  She helped dig & plan & plant and she watered every time she was up at the farm and... she won a red ribbon and two blues!  My MIL says the under-12 entries are judged on their own merits, not compared to who else entered -- very very nifty.   I also picked up a $10 stainless steel ring wtih a pretty blue CZ that fits my bigger-than-I-was fingers -- when I fit my wedding ring again, I'll let V have it.

Forgot to order my flylady calendar... and AGH today's Wednesday which means I missed the PTO meeting.
7th-Sep-2012 06:48 am - Annnnnnd.... there goes summer.
Random thoughts...I'm too tired to make it logical, but I wanted to get this down as a progress report to myself.
  • First grade started, so summer's gone.
  • Friend's retirement, family wedding, and a funeral attended.
  • Appropriately fitting clothes acquired for all 3 family members. (The child got taller, but the parents got wider more's the pity.)
  • The is-it-celiac blew up this week so I'll be skipping the Bethlehem Fair this weekend to finish my work week.  Only good thing is that makes a diet easier to stick to....not much fair-fare is wheat-free.
  • Play house isn't done, but it's close and has an anti-rain tarp on it so it actually contains some toys.  (If it weren't for the funeral, I think we'd have finished -- that was a 3-hour drive away.) 
  • Laundry's caught up on.
  • Dishes are close enough (just don't bump the drying rack, it would cause a plastic avalanche.) 
  • Paperwork has gone nowhere for a month except the obvious bills.  (Bad Mary, no cookie...not even wheatfree.) 
  • Vaccuuming is a total loss -- as in, I don't know where Roomba was when its battery lost power. 
  • I cleared & cleaned the stove, since it's finally cool enough to cook indoors.  And I got the replacement part for the campstove in case we have another heat wave or power failure...we won't be restricted to grilling. 
  • Job's tedious and too far away and my migraines & could-be-celiac are driving me to distraction.
  • Best news?  My daughter's been dry 3 nights this week.  We're all a ltitle tired from extra getting-up with her, but she has even now once gotten up on her own so there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  Hallelujia, pass the champagne.

Oh, and I spotted my next-year's carry-it-with-me calendar which reminds me it's time to go order my fridge calendar from flylady. In the meantime it's time to start the day.  Coffee.....
6th-Aug-2012 01:27 pm - Rubik's House!
Wicked Lady

Things are still in a state of flux.  It's gone a bit RAF in corners!

f it moves, salute it!
If it doesn't move, MOVE IT!
If you can't move it, paint it white!

Except that in the last case it gets stuffed in a box and gets something thrown over it as a disguise!

We had to stop Rubiking to complete the wedding gown, and then there was some sensible clearing of the living room, which looks fairly respectable today.  Trouble is, some of the clutter has just waltzed back out into the conservatory!  I need to get some tidying up done out there...

The Evil Bag Mountain had been packed away in two flappy top crates.  It's still behind the mirror, but at least it isn't threatening to avalanche and engulf the sofa!

The ironing heap has been reduced a bit, and is at present lolling about on my cutting table.  The coathanger box is under a sewing table.  They need to be dealt with (Himself's duty!)

My old desk is now in bits and packed away in the shed, along with the old printer table.  The tower computer is in the process of being decommissioned.  It too is on the cutting table while we copy off anything required for archiving and then flatten the hard disk prior to disposal of the parts...

The new desk is fully loaded and working.  I'm no less in the doorway, but the set-up is, on the whole, neater.  After we set it up and everything on it was clean and tidy, the GMNT said: Your corner of Tranquility!  Just don't turn round!  The rest of the room looked like an explosion in a furniture factory, and the carpet didn't need hoovering so much as excavating!  An hour or so with the help of Himself and the GMNT yesterday more or less sorted that.

26th-Jul-2012 07:03 pm - My pink boots are now...
Wicked Lady
   ...Medical Problem Brown!!

OK, I did spend the weekend playing LARP stuff in a swamp, so there is some excuse.  Oh, and I failed miserably to get Trench Foot, even slightly, so there was win along with mud.

Got back to All the Washing In England!

Duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase
Mufti clothes and undies (2 loads)
Lady Prudence's dresses
Lady Prudence's Elizabethan shirt and egregious chemise dress!
The linen underpinnings and towels...

I have two 12' by 18' groundsheets and 4 doormats still to go.

I dyed some stuff saffron yellow for a customer!

Himself collected my ebay win sewing tables while I was away, so I have been transferring sewing kit and machines as part of the Great Room Shuffle.  This evening I am going to waltz the tables round, move the Ikea storage units, and start dismantling the old treadle machine that has to go to a museum...

All the camping stuff and LARP kit, except those two groundsheets, has been dragged up to the shed on the trundle truck by my own fair hands, and stacked away:

1 Quecha Base 4.2 tent, with added air bed, blow-up chair, and dustpan and brush!  Must put the mallet back in beside it...
1 4m gazebo
3 small crates of china and Family Silver
1 large Crate of Everything Else (from bread knife to sun screen!  All the comforts and cooking kit!)
1 Chilly Bin of Awesomeness!

  (Yup,  that's my cool box!)

I also managed to post out my ebay sellings: I sold some stash fabric!  yay me!

Then some friends dropped by on their way home from holiday, and stayed for dinner: saussages, salad, fresh rolls - fast food Kate style!  And it was so nice that we ate in the garden.  Dusting off the a garden table and a few chairs was easier and quicker than making the dining room habitable!  Cheating?  Naaahhh...  :D

So, so far, not a bad week.  The house still looks like a cross between the white knight's pudding and a furniture warehouse (there are bits of New To Me table lolling about in an unnecessary manner!), but I look at my list of DONE! and am content.
16th-Jul-2012 11:57 am - END OF PART I
Wicked Lady
Or is it Part of One End?

Whatever...  I have the Horn cabinet wrangled and the room fit to sew in for this week!

  I wrangled the Ikea storage bins and tucked the ironing board in at the far end.  It used to be at the near end by the door, and was forever falling over, threatening to break the glass in the French doors to the living room!  Not so good...

  The shoe rack and the clothes rail have been replaced by the Horn Cabinet and two crates of boots: one is Himself's, the othe the GMNT's.  Mine will all have to live upstairs.  For now, anyway...

  Without Bernie, the table feels a lot less cramped.  There is more room for the projects to pile up!

  Even with the cabinet open, the cats can get in and out!  And the cabinet opens nicely over those two crates of Man Boots!

  The cabinet opens up nicely.  There's easy room to swing the chair round from table to overlocker.  And now Himself has fettled the cabinet, the machine sits down so the surface is level with the table top: no projects dragging at the needle!

  From the other end of the room it all looks a lot more spacious!  Partly this is an illusion, as I don't suppose (stray boots apart!) there's any more exposed floor area.  It's just that without the boots and the rail covering the window, it's a lot lighter.  Eventually, when the boots get a proper home, I'm hoping to put a small (two shelf) bookcase for the sewing books where they stand.  We shall see.

I have my eye on a large shed - actually a 10' by 20' summer house!  Part of a cancelled order! - to make into a workshop for Himself.  We need to get a base down for it, and get it sorted, and then secure storage for all the DIY stuff and power tools will mean that they can move out of the conservatory and leave me cupboard space for the sewing kit.  Yay and woot!

The second load of washing is getting to the end of its cycle.  The GMNT needs to sort his stuff out and bring down another load.

We're getting there, as they say!  And I have placed a bit on a sewing table solution...
15th-Jul-2012 11:37 am - And Lo! There was Space, and Order!
Wicked Lady
If only in one small corner of my life so far!

Behind Nia and me, the shoe rack and the old museum piece treadle:    A little fuzzy, but you get the picture!

Next to it, the clothing rail...    You can see it here behind my sewing partner.  It stood in front of the catflap.

I have taken all my shoes off the rack and sorted them: charity shop, ordinary shoes, and LARP shoes, which have gone in a box.  I shall toss all the GMNT's boots and shoes in a box and he can deal with them later.

The clothes rail has been dismantled.  There are several reference garments that will go into storage (my dad's uniform and some Victorian chemises and bloomers, for example), some customer projects on hold that will go on the door rail upstairs until that room gets sorted, and some old toiles that will get tossed.

    Yay!  Kitties can get in and out without marking garments!

Once I get the shoe rack out, I can trundle the Horn cabinet in.

I'll update when it's all sorted out.
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