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Here's the quicklink to Kelly's missions for the week --

This week Flylady's in the bathroom... and I'm going to hop in with her, so to speak.  Time to see what supplies are running low and put them on the shopping list.  Time to put away any winter-holiday stuff that's still hanging around, LOL.  (I'm in a snow zone, so I've had to hide boxes in my bedroom waiting until the weather permits me to add the outside lights to the stash.  I only want to go up into the crawl space once!)

I've been having trouble staying on track because of family colds & flus... but I'm rebooting myself.  I caught up on laundry yesterday and will be cleaning my sink before I go to bed tonight.  My husband used to be a cook, and he set something up for a quick soup supper last night -- and it was such a success I asked him to do it again for tonight.  He put something in on time-bake, which frees me to clean up for a while when the 4yo & I first get home.  Fingers crossed, maybe I'll even get the vac out.

How about you?  What are your two biggest things for tonight?
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