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A Testimonial that rubbed me the wrong way

Hi guys, I wanted to get your take on something I read today that is really bugging me.  A testimonial was sent out this morning describing a woman who used to do great with Flylady until she had to go back to work because her husband lost his job.  She talks about how difficult it was to fit it back in with ten hours less in the day, and then talks about how she managed to fit in cleaning up in the morning before she goes to work and then picking up after her husband and son after she gets home.  She gets kudos for not having a martyred attitude.

I can't help thinking, whoa, wait a second, hold on!  Her husband is home all day and does NOTHING?  And she works full-time and does EVERYTHING?  There is something seriously wrong with this picture and I don't feel like its something to be celebrated.  There is a vast difference between having a martyred attitude and being a doormat.  Not to mention the impression that is being made on the young son who is at home with Dad.  What is he learning? 

Anyway, I just wanted to get your thoughts. 


ETA -- I posted on the official BigTent forums my dislike of the testimonial and my post and the response to it was locked down and set to private.  That rubs me even MORE the wrong way. 

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