Noryndor (enlisted_smile) wrote in flylady,

Menu planning

Hi, I'm a new FlyBaby, and I was hoping to get some help with menu planning.

I live with my boyfriend, we're childless. It used to be that I did not eat beef or pork whatsoever (I was vegetarian for 7 years, and when I decided to go back to meat, beef and pork were still too harsh on my stomach), but I'm thinking I may incorporate it once every week or two. My boyfriend eats any meat set in front of him at any time.

I love healthy foods. I could eat beans, rice, and veggies every night very happily.

My boyfriend, however, is a junk food junkie and hates monotony. (And I can be unfortunately compliant with his junk food wishes, so in the first year that we lived together, I gained back 40 pounds that I had lost before we moved in!)

We're also on food stamps, so our food budget is limited to about 200/mo. It's often enough for two people, IF I plan carefully... which is why I need help! I'm not good at planning this stuff.

Also, I have fibromyalgia and severe depression, so it can be difficult for me to make meals that require a lot of work...

Does anyone have a situation similar to mine, and have you hashed out a menu plan that makes your whole family happy?

I'd love to just get outlines of a bunch of people's menus. Maybe it could give me ideas for setting up my own plan. :) Thanks for any help!
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