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Cleaning the bathroom

I am seeing everyone posting before and after shots of their homes and their cleaning sprees. I'm proud of all of you! It's wonderful. I hope to join the bandwagon, maybe today.

But I wanted to post about yesterday's accomplishment, without pics though.  I had 25 minutes before I had to go get my son from preschool. I started to sit down and 'chill out' as I normally would, pull up the Internet and browse for nothing and get nothing accomplished whatsever. As I began to do that, I thought, "Flylady would say I could do a lot in 25 minutes" Now, I've been fluttering long enough to know that she really says 15 minutes, but it made sense to use it all since there was a definite ending time.

So, I went to the bathroom and 'Fall Cleaned' it. Washed the walls (oh the cobwebs that you couldn't see from the floor- WOW!), scrubbed the toilet and the pedastle sink, washed the mirrors and window. I didn't get the floor 100% done, so I still need to do that, but when my buzzer went off (OH the relief of not running back and forth to the clock to check how much time I had left was sooooo freeing!), I just stopped, went and picked up my son and was happy with what I had done. I have a whole years worth of "25 minute" projects, or 15 minutes ones at least.  But I felt soo good to know that the 'dirtiest' room in the house was clean.  

Then when my youngest took his bath, I did the main bathroom upstairs. Not the walls as I had done them about a month ago on a whim. But the floor, toilet and sink. I wanted to do the bathtub, but couldn't with the little one in there. 15 minutes or less (I didn't time it, just went with, "when he's ready to be washed and get out, I'm done).

Today, I have a busy morning. And I didn't sleep well last night. So MY goal is to simply sweep the floors and put away the laundry that's been in the basket for two days. And I'd love to get the curtains from the bathroom into the thing at a time.

I have a lot of people coming to my house mid-December. I'd like to take the time between now and then to get the downstairs ready for that. Wash the walls when and if the time allows, finding places for my hotspot items in the dinning room and hemming some curtains that look awful because they are too long.

Thanks for the "Road to a Home" incentives, ladies. Keep it coming. Knowing we are all doing a LITTLE at a time makes me resist the urge to go whole hog and burn myself out. I'm 3 months pregnant with our 4th child and my energy hasn't returned yet, so I'm trying to take it easy until it does.

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